At Chinook Country Grassfed we are committed to raising healthy nutrient dense meat. Our animals get ethically raised, slow grown mostly grass-fed without the use of growth hormones or antibiotics.

Have had a positive experience with CCG, received 2 orders from them and prompt delivery, The beef has been shared with other family members and all agree that the meat is flavorful and tender. Will definitely order again. Looking forward to the Chickens. William Brown

The meat looks fantastic! Thank you for the bread it's amazing! We will order some on our next order I posted your site on my Facebook for people to order. Have a great day. Leanne Van Loon.

We had a 20lb box of the premium ground beef delivered and it is delicious. They messaged when they were on their way and we got a free loaf of delicious sandwich bread. I made burgers with only breadcrumbs from a couple slices of the free loaf and holy smokes was the beef sooo tender and yummy. This was our first time trying Chinook Country Grassfed and won't be the last. Very very impressed with the quality and service. James M.