Our Mission

 Welcome to our farm, Chinook Country Grassfed [Albion Ridge Colony]. Our mission is deeply rooted in the principles of regenerative agriculture and a commitment to healing the soil and providing safe, nutrient-dense, and flavorful food for the community. Like so many of you we began to question ourselves. Why are we seeing so many health problems? What’s making our children sick? Why so many food allergies? It seems half of the population can't eat foods they enjoy anymore due to allergies. We are almost made to believe, by modern medicine [Big Pharma] that our health comes in the form of a pill or other prescription drugs. How wrong that is! This wasn't an issue 60-70 years ago. What has changed?

 Our food system has been infiltrated with harmful toxins, chemicals, antibiotics, and vaccines, jeopardizing the health of our families and communities. This realization fueled our determination to make a change.

          Today we are raising our own food, meats, produce, and flour for baking, in a regenerative way, without all the harmful toxins that modern Ag is using. We also provide for many families and communities.  We take pride in supplying our customers with farm-fresh “safe” products, ensuring they enjoy the freedom of wholesome, high quality, nutritious food that will make you proud to serve at family dinners and events. 

       But our mission extends beyond just providing food. We believe in the power of community and collaboration. We offer the rural-urban connection, bridging the gap between farmers and consumers. Our current centralized food system is very fragile, and it's up to us, the farmers, and our customers to decentralize it.

Food security is not a privilege; it's a necessity. We recognize the importance of each individual in our community and strive to ensure that no one is left behind. Agriculture is supposed to be a collective effort, and we invite you to join us in our vision of making a positive difference in many lives. No one farms well alone, no one ever has! Together, we can create lasting change and ensure that safe, nutritious food is accessible to all people. 


              Together, we can build more resilient food systems and share in                                                           collective abundance.

       With Gratitude; The Community at Chinook Country Grassfed.