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10 lb Classic Sampler

10 lb Classic Sampler

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   In our Classic Sampler, we are offering this special 10 pounds of all your favorite classic cuts! The 10 lb. Classic Sampler is a wonderful variety of cuts that pleases everyone in the family and is a great way to give Chinook Country Grassfed a try if you're considering a Bulk Beef Item. This 10 lb. pack includes:3 lbs. of our premium 85/15 blend of Ground Beef 1 Juicy Roast A combo of: Top Sirloin, Minute Steak and Striploin boneless steaks, are retail style in vacuum-sealed, user-friendly packaging. Ground Beef is about 85% Lean.

  Our Beef is slow grown, grass-fed, finished with grain, raised without antibiotics or growth hormones'.


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