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Pastured Turkey

Pastured Turkey

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Introducing our free range pastured turkeys, raised with care and dedication on our farm. Choose from three distinct varieties, each offering its own unique characteristics and flavors:

  1. White Turkey:

    • Our White Turkey is a classic choice, known for its tender texture and mild, versatile flavor.

    • Raised on lush pastures, these turkeys enjoy a natural diet, resulting in exceptional taste and quality.

    • Perfect for traditional holiday feasts or any occasion where a tender, succulent turkey is desired.

  2. Artisan Gold Turkey:

    • Our Artisan Gold Turkey is a premium option, prized for its rich flavor and succulent meat.

    • Raised with great care, these turkeys roam freely on our pastures, foraging on a diverse array of plants and insects.

    • The result is a turkey with deep, savory notes and a satisfying, juicy bite, sure to impress even the most discerning palates.

  3. Orlopp Bronze Turkey:

    • Our Orlopp Bronze Turkey is a heritage breed prized for its exceptional flavor and texture.

    • Named after the Orlopp family, who carefully preserved this breed, these turkeys offer a taste of tradition and history.

    • With its robust flavor and tender meat, the Orlopp Bronze Turkey is a standout choice for those seeking a truly memorable dining experience.

No matter which variety you choose, rest assured that our pastured turkeys are raised with the utmost care and respect for the animals and the land. Treat yourself and your loved ones to the finest quality turkey, straight from our farm to your table.

We will let you know by email when we open up for deposits. It is very important that deposits are made early, it allows us to streamline fulfillment and everyone that made a deposit will get their turkey.

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